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Waterborne curing agent

Waterborne curing agent , which can play a curing ground , plugging the ground , impervious surface , clean ground role. It is mainly applied in new poured concrete or renovation of old ground , through the full penetration of the active ingredient which can quickly react with the free calcium in the concrete , form a crystalline colloidal structure to fill the gap and increase the density of the structure , so that the concrete surface to form a seal as hard as rock solid , the surface of the concrete structure greatly improved strength and wear resistance , resulting in permanent ground dust, anti-slip , wear-resistant , hard, compressive strength, impermeability , weathering resistance, chemical resistance, bright , environmental protection , greatly extend the life of the ground.


Hard : After sealing the concrete floor penetration waterborne curing agent after treatment , Mohs hardness will reach 9 Mohs hardness increased by 45.3% ;

Abrasion : aqueous concrete curing agent can penetrate the sealing of the various components of concrete is cured to a rigid entity to increase the hardness and density , by the use of the ground after the aging, wear resistance will be increased to more than 8 times ;

Dust : penetration sealing concrete and concrete curing agent aqueous silicate chemical reaction in the concrete surface to form a dust-free , dense overall , permanent control of the precipitation of dust from the surface of the concrete void .

Slip : general concrete floor surface precipitation from saline ingredients , resulting in slippage. But the ground is different, it is the concrete surface to form a solid, dense overall , salt ingredients does not precipitate from the surface.

Compression : compressive strength of the treated samples than untreated sample enhanced 27.3% , flexural strength increased more than 3 times .

Impermeability : can effectively penetrate into the concrete, and its chemical reaction , locked inside the pores of the concrete surface to play permanently sealing effect , can effectively inhibit water, oil and other contaminants into the surface of the concrete ;

Weathering : UV and water -treated sample no adverse effect of chloride ions can be effectively prevented by the tests show that the treated surface will not be affected by exposure to electromagnetic or mist ; .

Corrosion resistance : After the ground after treatment will greatly improve the corrosion resistance of concrete.

Bright : After handling concrete sealer concrete floor marble -like sheen appears , use the longer the better gloss.

Environmental protection: concrete sealer is a sealed concrete , dust, wear a hardening agent , a colorless , odorless, non-toxic and non-flammable , strong and make concrete dust ; able to prevent moisture , oil penetration, alkalinity, weathered and so on.

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