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Emulsion PSA
The new formula, emulsion pressure-sensitive adhesive tape production and is mainly used for bags, shoes fit classes, etc., with high viscosity, tack and other characteristics.


型號 粘著力 推薦用途
TCE-61504 1200 高性能OPP膠帶,線棒塗布合適
High quality OPP tapes,bars coating
TCE-61505A 1200 高性能OPP膠帶,刮刀塗布合適
High quality OPP tapes,scraper coating
TCE-61505B 800 剝離力較TCE-61505A低
Stripping force lower than TCE-61505A
TCE-80104 1500 高粘性,適用于箱包、鞋材類貼合
Good adhesion,uses for bag,shoe materials bonding
TCE-80107 1200 PVC地板,木紋皮,紙類標籤等用途,高初粘性.
PVC sheet,labels,excellent initial adhesion


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