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Solvent-based PSA

Acrylic PSA for other application  Mainly used with advertising stickers, car stickers, phone stickers, sheet protectors aspects. High viscosity, transparency, resistance to yellowing.


型號 粘著力 推薦用途
TCA-7500A 1500 PVC木紋皮,高粘性
PVC sheet,excellent adhesion
TCA-7500TF 1600 PVC木紋皮,無甲苯型
PVC sheet,toluene free
TCA-7550 1000 透明性佳,耐可塑劑性佳,廣告耗材PVC,PP通用型
Clear&clean,good DOP migration resistance,uses for advertising materials
TCA-7550H 1000 TCA-7550高粘度型
TCA-7550 High vis,Type
TCE-7551 900 三力平衡,不同基材如PET,PVC,PP,EVA,紙等適用
Good cohesive force,suitable various substrate such as PET,PVC,PP,EVA,PAPER etc.


型號 粘著力 推薦用途
TCA-951 >1300 高粘性,高固含,適用于普通車貼
High adhesion,high solid,normal type
TCA-952 1200 高粘性,持粘性較TCA-951高
High adhesion,cohesive higher than TCA-951
TCA-953 1000 持粘性較TCA-952高,清澈透明,高檔車貼適用
Clarity,cohesive higher than TCA-952


型號 粘著力 推薦用途
TCA-7520 600 持粘性佳,透明性佳,耐黃變性,適用於相薄膜
Clarity excellent cohesive,yellowing resistance,uses for photographical
TCA-7550HH 1500 高粘性,高固含,鞋材箱包貼合適用
High adhesion,uses for shoe & bag material bonding
TCA-7610A 1200 雙組份,配合TA-1305A固化劑使用,開放時間長,耐高溫,耐凡立水,用於瑪拉膠帶
Two pack,long pot life,for nylar tapes
TCA-7651 2000 高粘性,高固含,適用標籤,棉紙、EVA等材質雙面膠帶
High solid,high advesive,uses for double-face tapes
TCA-8005 2~10 雙組份,特低粘保護膜及可移膠帶
Two pack,very low adhesion,for protective film
TCA-8030 30~60 雙組份,低粘保護膜及可移膠帶
Two pack,low adhesion,for protective film
TCA-8200 200~300 雙組份,中粘保護膜及可移膠帶
Two pack,medium adhesion,for protective film
TCA-8500 500~600 雙組份,高粘保護膜及可移標籤,添加固化劑後開放時間較一般雙組份膠水長
Two pack,high adhesion,for protective film&removable labels,long pot life
TCA-903-5-1 1200 耐溫性優異,高持粘性,電子電器膜及其它膜適用
Excellent heat resistance,high cohesive,uses for electrical films


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