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Such as automotive refinish, large transport paint, industrial paint, wood, plastic paint. With public concern about environmental protection, high-performance curing agent to reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds, such as water-dispersible curing agent and the viscosity curing agent, will be the focus of future development. Hybrid polyisocyanate curing agents based on their wide range of uses, future development prospects.


型號 產品特點 推薦用途
TCSOL 167 約12000分子量 High molecular weight 水墨、光油、顏料分散
Ink,varnish,pigment dispersion
可設計高粘度低固含產品 Can be designed to be low solids
high vis,products
TCSOL 1678 約8500分子量 Medium molecular weight 水墨、光油、顏料分散
Ink,varnish,pigment dispersion
分散性 Excellent dispersion
光澤好 High gloss
TCSOL 1684 約2000分子量 Low molecular weight 高級水油、水墨
High gloss varnish,inks
光澤優異 Excellent gloss
低味 Odorless


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