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After TCR alkyd resin cured film production, shiny and toughness, strong adhesion and good wear resistance, weather resistance and insulation resistance.


型號 產品特點 推薦用途
TR-521-P7 含少量OH Low OH content 單雙組份塗料適合,薄膜鐳射層
Plastic single & two component coating
高硬度,快幹 good hardness , Fast-drying
附著力優異 Excellent adhesion
TR-7545 PP附著性 Excellent adhesion for PP PP、PP/EPDM或其它塑膠底漆,汽車內裝PP,PP/EPDM or other plastic base coat auto-mobile interior decoration top coat
耐候性佳 Excellent weather-resistance
重塗性佳 Good re-coating
SA-10-8A PVC附著力佳 Excellent adhesion 薄膜PVC膠層,PVC塗料
Plastic plating film adhesive
快幹 Fast-drying
耐熱性佳 Heat resistance
TCA-6010-13 優異的附著力 Excellent adhesion 陶瓷,poly,五金,尼龍等漆
Ceramic,poly,cetal,nylon paints
韌性佳 Excellent toughness
重塗性 Good re-coating
TCA-0270 椰子油醇酸 Coconut oil alkyd 木器PU,金屬烤漆
Wood coatings,metallic paints
色澤淺,乾燥快 Pale color,fast drying
消光性好 Good matting effect
TCA-0280A 合成脂肪酸 Saturated fatty acids 高光豐滿PU清漆
High gloss PU coatings
高豐滿度 High firmness
相溶性佳 Excellent compatibility
TCR-195 飽和聚酯樹脂 Saturated polyesters 金屬烤漆,卷材塗料
Coil coatings
韌性,抗衝擊性佳 Impact resistance
高光豐滿 High gloss,high firmness
TCR-127 標準雙酚A型環氧樹脂 工業塗料,PVC可塑劑
Industrial coatings
Standard bisphenol A eplxy resin


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