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Thermosetting Acrylic

Amino bridging traditional and high-temperature baking, high salt spray resistance, high re-coating, baking and other high adhesion coating resins; Taiwan Chang's new pure water-soluble paint resin, synthetic resin technology with the development of , has been able to meet the environmental requirements, while providing the same quality even more superior coating performance, in-depth fields, socially responsible is our goal.


型號 產品特點 推薦用途
TCA-6367-3 附著力優異 Excellent adhesion 電鍍光油
Plating Varnish
耐高溫性佳 Heat resistance
高光澤 High gloss
TCA-7011 乾燥速度快 Fast-drying 銀粉烤漆
Silver paints
耐鹽霧性佳 Salt spray resistance
密著性佳 Excellent adhesion
TCA-7020C 高光澤 High gloss 泛用型金屬烤漆
General baking coating
高硬度 Good hardness
抗衝擊性 Impack resistance
TCA-8320 優異的重塗性 Excellent re-coat performance 自行車烤漆,卷材塗料,玻璃漆
Bicycle coating, coil coating, glass paints
耐化性佳 Good chemical-resistance
抗衝擊性佳 Impack resistance
TR-1115M 水油兩用型 Dual-type water and oil uses 鋁材罩光清漆
Aluminum varnish
耐鹽霧性佳 Salt spray resistance
密著性 Good adhesion
R-2350 水溶性 Water solution 合金類烤漆,水性玻璃漆
Metallic & glass paints
重塗性佳 Excellent re-coat performance
色溶性佳 Pigment wetting


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