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Thermoplastic Acrylic

It can be widely used in PVC, ABS, PC, PP, HIPS, PET and other plastic material products, such as toys, household appliances, daily necessities, cosmetics bottles, heels and other coatings produced; for special purposes, such as glass, paint, aluminized layer , fireproof coatings, electronic components and other uses solid seal, the same can find the best selection.


型號 產品特點 推薦用途
TCA-212 耐黃變性佳 discoloring resistance 內外牆水泥漆,工藝品漆
Interior and exterior cement paints Art craft coatings
光澤好 High gloss
耐候性佳 Excellent weather-resistance
TCA-521-3 高光澤 High gloss 塑膠漆,研磨色漿
Plastic coatings Pigment grinding
展色性好 Excellent color retention
相溶性佳 Excellent compatibility
TCA-521-8B 乾燥速度快 Fast-drying 高級塑膠漆,銀粉漆
Plastic coatings
高硬度 Good hardness
銀粉排列性優異 Excellent silver array
耐醇性佳優異 Excellent alcohol resistance
TCA-829H 附著力優 Excellent adhesion 馬路漆,防火塗料
Fireproof coatings Road coatings
耐磨擦性 Good abrasive resistance
快幹 Fast-drying
TCA-829M-2B 耐醇性佳優異 Excellent alcohol resistance 無苯型塑膠漆
Benzene free plastic paint
快幹 Fast-drying
不含苯類溶劑 Benzene free
TCA-832 金屬附著性 Good adhesion for metallic 塑膠真空電鍍光油
Plastic vacuum plating Varnish
耐候性佳 Excellent weather-resistance
高光澤 High gloss
TCA-833 耐醇性佳優異 Excellent alcohol resistance 塑膠銀粉漆、啞光色漆
Plastic silver paints
銀粉排列性優異 Excellent silver array
快幹 Fast-drying
TCA-837B-1 層間附著力優 Excellent layer adhesion 塑膠UV底漆,PU底漆
Plastic UV basecoat ,PU basecoat
耐溶劑性佳 Excellent solvent resistnce
耐水煮性佳 Resistance to boiling water
TCA-838-2A 耐醇優 Excellent alcohol resistance 耐醇塑膠漆
Alcohol-resistance plastic paint
光澤高 High gloss
相溶性佳 Excellent compatibility
TCA-839F-2 光澤高 High gloss 玩具漆、鞋跟漆
Toy paint,heel paint
快幹 Fast-drying
附著力佳 Excellent adhesion
TCA-839-77A 優異的光澤 Excellent High gloss 高光機殼漆
Glossy plastic coatings
展色性佳 Excellent color retention
附著力佳 Excellent adhesion


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