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Water Base Resin

TCR produced water-based ink resins, water-based acrylic resin solids and waterborne acrylic resins, are in compliance with the requirements of environmental regulations and non-toxic, water-based ink resin concrete using water-based inks, gravure, letterpress printing, paper coating, corrugated base materials and so on.
Optional water-soluble acrylic-modified resin as a binder an aqueous ink, gloss, weatherability, heat resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance and stain resistance, etc. are significant advantages in the direct synthesis of highly dispersed or dissolved molecular emulsions can also exhibit excellent properties. The resin is made with ink, the product can reach the advanced level of quality products. Water-soluble azo initiator is used as the acrylic resin, the principal initiator, an acrylic resin and the performance improved significantly.

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