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Bopp lamination adhesive

Laminating adhesive are generally divided into oil and water-based laminating adhesive plastic film categories, oil- covered plastic are used in the past mainly because of environmental issues have recently changed water-based laminating adhesive.

I produced compared with traditional water-based laminating adhesive glue , using imported raw materials with high solid content , low viscosity, good applicability technology , strong adhesion , non-toxic , etc. are applied to aluminum foil (OPA), the pre-treated polyethylene (HDPE, LDPE), between the two-component solvent-based composite polypropylene (OPP, CPP), polyester (PET), polyamide (PA, ONY) film , metalized film , cellophane polyurethane-based adhesives.

Use print can enhance brightness enhancement , increased lightfastness printed ink , the ink layer to increase heat capacity moisture , protect blot, beautification products.

The water-based laminating adhesive with environmental pollution, high- performance waterproof so it is widely trusted by consumers.

Compared with traditional oil-based plastic:

1 , has excellent coating properties , can replace existing solvent laminating adhesive used on dry laminating machine . Can save 20 to 30 % of the cost ; for gold and silver cards can save about 50 % of the cost .

2 , with excellent gloss and transparency , anti-aging , anti-yellowing . Has a good post-processing performance, pressure lines , bronzing , hot silver , UV and so on.

3 , environmentally friendly green products can be safely used in processed foods , drugs, alcohol and tobacco , children's toys and other packaging materials .

4, after washing with water using equipment , improve the production environment , complete elimination of oily product lamination process static fire accidents , protect the health of the production staff. Oil can be used in the original machine .

5 good temperature at 60 or -18 constant temperature 120h no open plastic blister.

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