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Water based varnish

Water-based varnish on the surface of concrete used in the coating, with a beautiful, green, wear, heat, etc., is the only oil and varnish instead of the alcohol of the past. Supply of products are water-based varnish on the ordinary, the wear-resistant water-based varnish, water-based online varnish, water pressure varnish, water-based matt oil.


型號 產品特點 推薦用途
TCE-1506 水性光油
Water based varnish
Normal type
TCE-2505W 水性耐磨油
Water based varnish
Excellent abrasive resistance
TCE-2505 高光水性上光油
Water based varnish
High gloss,fast drying
TCE-2540A 水性磨光油
Water based polishing
Mirror surface performance
TCE-2800 水性啞油
Water based matte
Good matte performance

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