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UV vanish

UV light curing oil, used in various kinds of paper coating: smoke pack boxes, all kinds of bags, boxes, magazines, labels, gold and silver paper gold foil stamping, etc., with high light, environmental protection, wear-resistant, heat-resistant and improve production efficiency advantages. Taiwan Chang resin supply of products are ordinary UV varnish, UV varnish folding line explosion, high light-line UV varnish, matt UV varnish and so on.


型號 產品特點 推薦用途
UVP-407 UV面油
Top coat varnish
Normal type
UVP-403 耐磨UV面油
Top coat varnish
Excellent abrasive resistance
UVP-8801S 高級UV面油
Top coat varnish
High grade,In-line UV coating allowed
PR-0301 UV底油(油性)
Primer(solvent type)
Excellent toughness,good breaking resistance
P-9973 UV底油(水性)
Primer(Emulsion type)
Fast drying,good adhesion

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