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TCR in acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) for many years of research and production experience, solvent and emulsion type two kinds, and according to the purposes are available in single and double component selection, and adjusted according to customer's requirements; In stressed sanli balance at the same time, also can highlight one according to the requirements of performance, and give attention to both the performance of the coating.

Resin for Coating

TCR production of various types of coating resins, a major supplier of architectural coatings, industrial coatings, paper printing, gloves, mold release agents, special coatings and other aspects of coating resins. The Company will cooperate with the rapid changes in the market environment and customer needs, will use strict quality management, manufacturing and stable quality products. Professional research team to develop products that meet customer needs. And use the full amount of testing equipment, good customer confidence, peace of mind, and are confident that the fine manufacturers.

Resin for Building

TCR emulsion, production various types of construction with rapid change of market environment and customer demand, will use strict quality management, stable quality of products. With professional team, to develop products that meet the needs of customers. And use the number of complete testing instruments, ready to let customers at ease, comfortable, and confident good manufacturers.

Resin for Paper Printing

TCR since 1973, continued to develop the paper printing industry has experienced continuous research and breakthroughs in the development of a series of paper printed with a resin product, and continue to expand water-based environmentally friendly products, used in paper printing business, and meet all environmental standards. Products containing UV coating, aqueous coating, water-covered plastic, PVC, PET plastic oil, paper laminating resin glue and water-based inks, under the complete production line and professional team with, by many well-known printing, Bei mill affirmed.


Since 1983, TCR resin application fields, input adhesives for suitable for PP, OPP, PET, PVC, EVA, foam and different base material of pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA); Shoes material, tablecloths, textiles, wood, handicraft and laminating resin; Provide all kinds of textile fiber with resin, textile major processing steps used; Moment, and all kinds of plastic, styrofoam and daily adhesives, such as glue, TCR has mature technology and rich experience in order to meet customer demand, with strict quality management, the stability of the resin production and prosperous core team, these are all TCR industry attaches great importance to one of the key projects.

Specialty Chemicals

TCR development all kinds of special chemicals, the main product portfolio solutions for industrial area, and study the use of all kinds of chemical report, make your product better, and improve product performance.

Live daily chemicals

TCR research and development, for general plastic flooring, terrazzo flooring floor wax to use, especially for high-flow crowds places, such as hospitals, office buildings, department stores, large stores and other locations to use. This product is environmentally friendly, safe storage and other features.


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